In the investment world, window dressing refers to changes to a fund or portfolio made by managers so that the holdings or performance look better in reports to investors. It’s aesthetic, hollow, and meaningless at a given point in time. It is an ego driven practice, not service and mission driven.

Isn’t social media so similar? Do attention from influencers, number of followers, and likes, shares, saves, and comments really matter? That’s certainly the game the platforms want you to play. It’s the window dressing and it misses the point entirely. What I’m about to suggest isn’t about quality versus quantity in your reach although that’s a real thing too. Instead, I’d like to propose the following reframed perspective and action items that apply to any leadership role – coacher, teacher, business, government, etal. Social media is just a metaphor and one particular canvas of many.

1) Stop seeking out so-called influencers and placing them on a pedestal. Yes, listen, learn, respect, and appreciate those who are legit, experienced, well-intentioned, and resonate with your mission. But, realize and remember that YOU are just as much an influencer to others. Start with you. Be your own influencer first. You have amazing, unique purpose and place and talent and experience!

2) Stop generating followers. That mindset is perpetuating the paradigm we’re interdicting in #1 above. Start creating and empowering leaders. Aim to work yourself out of a job. Be a leader of leaders, among leaders. Be the teacher. Be the student.

Celebrate that it’s Monday! Get out there, keep grinding, and get after it to inspire and create more leaders like you!