Too many people expect the rest of the world to fix them. Life isn’t easy. Life is hard and no one is coming to save you. You have to do the work to become the hero you want in your life, your own hero.

Julian Serrano is living a life of service as a firefighter, smoke diver, resident medic for The MDK Project, and ultra runner. But, Julian knows failure. He failed multiple attempts to realize the dream of becoming a firefighter. Julian failed last year in his first attempt at the Leadville 100 ultra marathon.

A life of service starts first with leading yourself and converting failures to growth. Then you can show up as a leader for your family, friends, and community.

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Michael is a father and husband foremost as well as a coach, student, speaker, and author in elite human performance. He works specifically with men striving to be holistically exceptional in their lives, who embrace audacious goal-setting, and who are 1000% dedicated to create, live and leave their greatest possible legacy in this world.

Too many men awaken one day to their greatest fear, pain, and possibly regret – a life that has fallen short of happiness, fulfillment, and full potential in family, fatherhood, as a leader…as a man. Michael is on a mission to unite those men willing to reject modern society’s pull toward average – to a least common denominator – and the pressure to erase natural contrasts and file away the rough edges that make us who we are. He works exclusively with those who are determined and ready to live fully and leave their mark as the man they were meant to be.

Michael is also an ultra-distance athlete – closing in on 100 Spartan obstacle course races, a Krav Maga practitioner, and enjoys traveling the world – so far visiting unique and amazing places on 6 continents.

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