The Japanese term Kaizen refers to continuous, incremental improvement within a practice designed for quality results. Always adapting. Always showing up in our best possible way each and every day. Mastery, the pursuit of mastery, is about practicing and getting better and better at those little things, incrementally, over long periods of time and then suddenly and exponentially.

The Monday Mastery Actions series of articles is a reminder to embrace the day and the new week as another opportunity to take action, focus on quality, and continually seek to master the little things. Embrace the process, shift mindset and perspective, move the needle just a bit each day, and big results will come naturally.

This weekend at the Unbeatable Mind Experience, where the theme was Resilience, we had the amazing fortune to hear from Jason Redman about moving the needle and shifting perspective. From his book Overcome, Jason talks about “life’s ambushes” – those moments of stress and pressure we encounter, sometimes small and at times massive – where it is easy to get stuck and overwhelmed and to feel out of control and at an end. But Jason, one of the most resilient people around, maintains that there is always hope, there is always something else you can try, and when there is an end, there is always a new beginning.

What is your mission and what is one thing today that can move the needle in that direction, even incrementally? Amongst all that you can’t, what can you control, what can you do, and how can you BE? What else can you try? Where can you find a new beginning? Focus there with, as Jason says, relentless positivity, hope, optimism, and intensity.

It’s Monday. We have the gift of a whole new week of mornings ahead. Get some!