Mickey Schuch has one core goal for himself and his students – to live a long and full life. His ethos at Carry Trainer is simple – enjoy each day, live in a manner that causes no harm to anyone, but be willing and capable of immediate righteous defense of life, if needed.

Plan to succeed (or fail), start with the basics, work on yourself first, and take an active, big picture approach. That and be capable, skilled, and willing to act when needed.

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  • Life doesn’t make us, choices do
  • Principle + Practice + Simulate
  • Learn to think globally about safety
  • Capable, skilled, and willing to act


Mickey Schuch owns and operates one of the most successful firearm and self- protection companies in the United States, “Carry Trainer.” Mr. Schuch has trained thousands from coast to coast, including private citizens and local, state and federal law enforcement. Carry Trainer also facilitates high-level EMT and CPR medical training.

Mickey also hosts the popular Higher Line Podcast, where he invites modern warriors, thought leaders, survivors and anyone he finds fascinating to have discussions about life, philosophy, firearms, combatives and more.




Michael is a father and husband foremost as well as a coach, student, speaker, and author in elite human performance. He works specifically with men striving to be holistically exceptional in their lives, who embrace audacious goal-setting, and who are 1000% dedicated to create, live and leave their greatest possible legacy in this world.