Has it happened to you too? On a hike or any journey, literal or metaphorical, where a great deal of focus and effort are on progress…it’s not until you pause to look back that you realize just how far you’ve come – up a hill, in a career, in life. We can become so intent on a following a path or pursuing a goal or milestone that all attention turns inward.

For each of us the journey is uniquely our own, competing and comparing against only our former self. But, as a reminder and call to action, take a moment to survey the landscape. Where can you ask for the help of someone ahead of you? How can you offer assistance and leadership to someone else?

As my great friend and teammate BJ Dwyer recently reminded me, “the ultimate purpose as a leader is to serve others and the most important characteristic is encouraging others to push themselves in a positive way.”

It’s Monday. We have the gift of a whole, new week ahead. Get after it!