I don’t have time. Even worse – I DIDN’T have time (the opportunity has passed). Ever say that to yourself or others?

Lately I’ve been retooling my morning routine, the habits practiced, the sequence, and the dedicated time. It can be significant. What does your ideal way to start each day look like, how long would that take, and how does it fit with the demands of most normal days? And, if your answer is that you have no design or ideal to a morning routine at all yet, then reach out please and let’s have a different conversation.

Inspired by Errol Doebler’s There’s Just No Time!, James Clear’s Atomic Habits, and the Nervous Apes Breathe course, I’ve been able to collapse the time required and get it all done in integrated training fashion. Here’s how…

Stacking. You can get at least 2 or 3 things done together and I don’t mean by pseudo multi-tasking. I mean correctly, powerfully, mindfully. Example – a breath practice synchronized with strength, balance, and mobility movements can be accomplished in 10-15 minutes. It takes care of the flexibility component that most of us neglect, gets the blood flowing to physically prime the day, and the breathing and concentration provide a mental and emotional stake in the ground.

How do you stack practices and habits to win the day?

It’s Monday. We have the gift of a whole new week of mornings ahead. Get some!