Happy New Year!

2019 marked the exciting launch of this Mastery newsletter, podcast, and community! Thank you for taking action and being part of the journey. It’s been an opportunity to continue to learn, test, and share what’s working for me and hopefully will be valuable for you too. If so, I’d be honored if you would share this information with few others who might also benefit…in breaking out of a rut, getting back on track, finding better balance, or accelerating to the next level in 2020.

This Week…

To kick off the new year, this post offers a few thoughts on what might be missing from your new year resolution, a preview of what’s in store at Man of Mastery, and a link to get our FREE 7 Day Discipline plan. There’s a ton here, so strap into your seatbelt for the ride!

This week you’re getting a long post but a break from the weekly podcast cadence to take time for yourself and form a plan for 2020. Although, if you haven’t yet listened to last week’s talk on the Four Pillars of Growth, I’d highly encourage it. Chad Zueck of A New Kind of Man talks about balance across the Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual, and Relationship domains of our lives.

Podcast Episode 035 – Four Pillars of Growth

And if your dietary goals for 2020 could use a convenient way to source high-quality protein, check out this review of two of our well-known partner companies.

Butcher Box v US Wellness Meats – Updated for 2020!

OK…What’s wrong with your 2020 resolution?

We all realize that Jan 1 is a false threshold and that we should simply decide and act, but it is a nice catalyst and reminder to do so (or reflect on what we’re already doing and how to make it more effective). I would propose the two things missing in most New Year’s resolutions are microgoals and an environment of excellence.


First off, your goal is too big – at least in terms of timeline. Your brain and willpower can’t deal with the daunting prospect of a milestone that is a year away. Imagine going out to run a marathon right now. If you’re not a marathoner then odds are 5-10 minutes from now you’ll be struggling to overcome the realization that it’s going to take you 25+ miles more or another 4-6+ hours to meet your goal. A more tangible goal to keep you present and positive might be the next 0.25 mile or that next tree or street sign.

Experts on behavior say that it takes 30-90 consecutive days to successfully build and strengthen the neural pathways that support new habits. So, a one-year goal is fine, great in fact. But gear for success by breaking out a plan for major quarterly and monthly milestones, weekly or bi-weekly microgoals, and a daily schedule.

Follow this link to get our FREE 7 Day Discipline challenge to kickstart your process. It’s a quick and simple (but not easy!) way to work on mindset and observing and improving what may be going on inside ourselves negatively or positively toward our goals. In just a minute per day of action and then reflection, you’ll get unique new insight and get a sense for whether you’re ready to learn more and take on bigger challenges.

Environments of excellence

In addition to having a realistic and executable plan, make sure you have an enabling and supportive environment around you. The saying we often hear goes, you are the average of your five closest friends. This type of support, a peer group, goes directly to the consistency needed to create and then sustain change. Once you have goals and a plan, check your environment to make sure you have who and what you need. If unsure, read on below for what’s in store at Man of Mastery in 2020. Perhaps our community can help.

What does 2020 look like around here? 

We’re continuing the mission to seek out ways to learn from successes and failures in the areas of mind, body, soul, world, work, and play.

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Get After It!

With that…get out there and make 2020 your best year ever! Start today. Motivation is fleeting, inconsistent at best. Daily, consistent action can compound into incredible results.

“Do today what others won’t. Do tomorrow what others can’t.” – Jerry Rice

Success isn’t an accident. Successful people craft and apply a strategy to attain results. Then continuously monitor, adjust, and act, with consistency. Get after it!

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