Global leader in the Krav Maga community, author, entrepreneur, and coach Chief CJ Kirk of Krav Maga Houston talks about real world self-defense and the doorway to training and self-improvement in all areas of life. We touch on biological initiative, moral obligation to one’s unique purpose, the power of service to others, and how tragedy and adversity in life can and will lead to equally opposite positive experiences.

“The goal of everything that I’m doing is to be better, to show up more powerfully for the people around me.”

– Chief CJ Kirk

Chief Kirk also talks about the epidemic plaguing modern life in America and other first-world countries. We discuss the importance and the benefit of training to overcome stress and fear and to develop a habit of making powerful decisions.

“There is a unique and distinct place in the world for every person.”

– Chief CJ Kirk


Krav Maga Houston’s Chief Instructor, CJ Kirk, has been doing martial arts for over 30 years and teaching Krav Maga for over a decade and a half; he is certified and licensed by the Krav Maga Association of America; he is first generation Levine and second generation Lichtenfeld instructor, is one of a handful of instructor third degree black belts in Krav Maga, and is one of five lead instructors tasked with certifying other instructors for KMAA.

Chief Kirk holds an Advanced Force Training certification for law enforcement and military instruction, is certified to teach children and has taught hundreds of law enforcement and military personnel and thousands of civilians. Chief Kirk is also developing a knife retention curriculum for Krav Maga Worldwide review and holds a fitness certification with a kettlebell training focus, as well as, a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA).


  • Martial Science v/s Martial Art
  • Kung Fu and Jiu-Jitsu didn’t help when robbed at gunpoint
  • Turning tragedy into opposite and equal positives
  • Why crucible events are not about the physical
  • Each person has a unique and distinct place in the world
  • Passion + Principles + Potential combine to reveal Purpose
  • Why self-discovery is so critical
  • Breath as fuel and a transitional tool during the day
  • How risk benefits us by requiring powerful decisions
  • Modern epidemic and how to take action
  • Where to start growing your tribe



Chief has become, as have I, a huge proponent and personal fan of ketogenic fueling. Along with chef and Krav Maga student, Alvin Schultz, Chief Kirk has started a business called Mind Body Fuel – a meal coaching and delivery service. Check out their recent accolades in the news:

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