The American dream has been the opportunity for anyone to create a better future for their children. But too often, better looks like easy. And easy leads to weak – weak minds and weak bodies.

Too many people expect the rest of the world to fix them. Life isn’t easy. It’s not supposed to be. Life is hard and no one is coming to save you. You have to do the work to become the hero you want in your life, your own hero.

Julian Serrano is living a life of service as a firefighter, smoke diver, resident medic for The MDK Project, and ultra runner. Does any of that sound easy? Running 100 miles is hard! Becoming a firefighter is hard. Smoker Diver? Hard. MDK Project? Definitely hard!

But, Julian knows the weak mindset that can grow when life is too easy, without struggles. And, he knows failure. Julian neglected academics and scholarship potential. He failed multiple attempts to realize the dream of becoming a firefighter. Julian failed last year in his first attempt at the Leadville 100 ultra marathon.

Every one of those failures has been converted to lessons and growth.

Life will be hard but you have a choice – pick the hard way or pick complacency and life will choose hard for you. You have to lean into it. Schedule it. Schedule hard. Schedule suffering. Schedule sacrifice.

A life of service starts first with leading yourself. Then you can show up as a leader for your family, friends, and community.

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  • Easy life…weak mindset
  • Neglected academics, missed opportunity
  • Inspired to career and purpose
  • Decision every human comes to
  • Servant mentality
  • How mistakes forge you
  • Willingness to work and grow
  • Fit Firefighter mentor program
  • Leadville ultra…fail and learn
  • Scheduling suffering
  • Create your own hero story
  • Why men quit


I am Julian Serrano, the Founder of Prepared To Fight Fire and an active firefighter, Florida Smoke Diver, RIT competitor, junior fire instructor, resident paramedic for The MDK Project, certified fitness coach, entrepreneur, and ultra runner.
While I’m proud of my accolades, they fail to acknowledge all of the challenges and setbacks I have overcome throughout the last 9 years of my career. Before I became the firefighter I am today, I was overweight and out of shape.

In 2013, I finally got accepted to the Fire Academy after years of trying. But after failing several physical assessments, I flunked out. In 2014, I made it to the end of the hiring process, but I still didn’t get the job. No matter how many times I failed, it wasn’t going to stop me from my purpose and dreams. I kept pushing myself and applying, and finally began my career in the Fire Service, but the lessons I learned along the way have stuck with me.

My own lessons, failures, and journey are the reason it’s my passion to develop aspiring firefighters to get fit for duty. I also help develop men of all ages through the Modern Day Knight Project. And, while I’m only just getting started in my ultra running career, it’s my goal to lead from the front to inspire others.

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