Do you ever think, “it will be great when…?” Does it feel like much of the world is moving in slow motion or completely missing the big picture? Are you easily bored and swing from hyper-focused to chasing the next goal? Do most people think you ain’t quite right?! Maybe you (or a child) have even been labeled ADD, ADHD, or OCD!

Top performers are often all-in and yet fulfillment is elusive. On the other hand, try to temper that drive and it can feel like a prison of irritability and fear of missing out.

Well, you’re not normal and certainly not average. You may be misunderstood. You may not understand yourself. Not to worry. You may simply be Driven.

This condition isn’t a disorder, rather a genetic gift. Driven personalities make up only about 10% of our population and it is this hunter gene that has been responsible for our human species surviving, thriving, and adapting.

Dr. Douglas Brackmann specializes in helping top performers overcome limiting beliefs and achieve ultimate personal and professional success. Take the free 5 minute Driven assessment of 10 behavioral traits shared by entrepreneurs, pro athletes, Navy SEALs, and maybe you.

And, listen in for awareness, communication, and self-management tools and techniques from Dr. Brackmann. We touch on mastery, enlightenment, and whole body intelligence. It’s a very Zen conversation and the information will be nothing short of life-changing for you or a loved one.

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  • Understand & harness your genetic gifts
  • How you are wired differently
  • Why you struggle with fulfillment
  • 143 genetic combos that lead to addiction
  • Learning to call bullshit on yourself
  • Your emotions aren’t real


Dr. Doug Brackmann is one of the leading psychologists to some of the most successful and Driven entrepreneurs, pro athletes, executives, and other top performers and creator of the Driven Assessment and Driven Shooting Meditation (it’s as crazy as it sounds).

Dr. Doug has spent his entire career working with top performers to help them overcome their limiting beliefs, stop their cycle of shame, and achieve the ultimate personal and professional success.

By combining the components of meditation, long-range shooting, and therapy, Dr. Doug helps those with Driven characteristics (often wrongfully diagnosed as ADD, ADHD, OCD, or other) to harness their hunter abilities so they can stop self-sabotaging, find fulfillment in life, and achieve the ultimate success.


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