“My Why: Live with a front site focus on the enrichment of mind, body, and spirit so I can help others do the same.”

– Dr. John Nichols

Dr. John Nichols is an OB-GYN in Utah and specializes in high risk cases – moms and babies. Because of their overall risk profile COVID-19 is a particular concern right now. While he is not a virologist, he has access to the most current information and experts on behalf of his patients. Additionally, he is an osteopath – meaning that he takes a holistic view of patients and treatment. He’s also a trusted friend, fellow coach, surfer, and super experienced SCUBA instructor. We’ll get him back to hear more about that another time. Today he takes time out from his patients and practice to share more about what we currently do and don’t know about COVID and what do to about it.

“I went to Medical school to help myself and others live the best and healthiest lives possible.”

– Dr. John Nichols


Dr. John Nichols, MD is a practicing OBGYN (Obstetrician & Gynecologist) in Saint George, Utah. He’s the Director of the Laborist and High Risk Obstetrics at Dixie Regional Medical Center and an Associate Clinical Professor at the Still University College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Dr. Nichols is also a licensed and certified Unbeatable Mind coach, former SCUBA instructor, and avid mountain biker, hiker, surfer, and skier.


  • Why COVID “19” – are there 18 others lurking?
  • If the RNA mutates quickly is a vaccine even possible?
  • The latest known on how it’s transferred
  • Incubation period & contagious while asymptomatic
  • Symptoms shared & differing from cold and flu
  • Can my pet catch it or carry it?
  • If needed, the best way to testing and medical attention
  • We currently have no FDA-approved treatment
  • How COVID is treated in Japan with anti-malarial 
  • Best practices for COVID and general health
  • How can we support and assist the medical system?


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