From time to time I accept new private coaching clients. If we’re a good fit, I see that I can help you, and you’re ready for massive action and change to get to that next level, then I’ll invite you to coach with me for a year.

Legacy coaching is for “A players” – men who have reached a level of success, building a career, a strong and profitable business, a family…but are not completely fulfilled and sense they’re not yet tapping their full potential. Maybe you’ve even lost some of that spark and excitement.

This is about moving men from successful to holistically exceptional and working together to create, live, and leave your greatest possible legacy.

If you’re a good fit we’ll work together to enhance your mind, body, and spirit and how you show up in your personal relationships, your business, your community, and your free time. This is a commitment, it takes significant work, and we’ll move quickly but with a purpose – to blow through past limitations and optimize health and wealth in every aspect of your life.


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How does the Legacy Year work?

Our first step is a discovery call. Block off time and let’s really connect. Catch me up on where you’re at, in detail, and your biggest goals as well as fears. From there we’ll set a date to meet in person for your kickstart and the first of four half-day coaching sessions with me.

Throughout the 12 months we’ll have monthly one on one phone coaching sessions to give you specific action steps, accountability and to drive execution.

We’ll meet again in person quarterly for half-day private coaching and planning sessions. And, for the remainder of the year we’ll continue to work together for via phone and email communication making sure that you’re getting after your plan with the integrity of massive action.

Is this right for you?

If you’re here it’s because you have high expectations – most of all for yourself. And so do I. Make no mistake about it, the growth process will not always be comfortable. In fact, we will seek out discomfort in order to grow. We are going to dig deep into areas of life and business to uncover where you have been limiting yourself and remove those barriers to reach your fullest potential.

What I require of every client:

  1. Be inspiring and have an inspiring mission
  2. Be ready to leave AND LIVE a tremendous legacy for the world
  3. Be curious and ready to have fun
  4. Bring along a challenge
  5. Understand the power of commitment and consistency

How you can apply

You will NOT find another mentorship or coaching program that draws from so many proven disciplines and can be so incredibly transformative to your relationships, yourself, and your business in just 12 months. Only apply if you’re ready to do the work. Email me at [email protected] and let’s get down to business.