Today’s modern world allows us abundant comforts but the human spirit doesn’t thrive on being overly comfortable. It withers. Having it too easy leads to, at best, feeling unfulfilled and adrift. Worse, we see depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other thrill-seeking addictions. Training to do hard things not only prepares us for the challenges life will always throw at us, it provides ways to grow.

Today I have the honor of sharing an interview I did on Josh Guerrero’s All Around Adventure Podcast. You probably remember him from a month ago here on episode 40. Josh is a great host and ran a fun episode where he allowed me to talk about some of my formative travel adventures, some of the challenges life threw at me a while back, and then we talk about traveling to seek out crucible events to get outside our comfort zones and grow.

I had a great time chatting with Josh and I’m excited to share this one with you…Stay tuned at the end for a reminder about Josh’s Operation Dual Trek to benefit veterans and find out where to support that cause and tune in to Josh and the All Around Adventure Podcast.


Josh ranks travel memories and stories as more meaningful than any material possession and has racked up some great adventures so far – shipwreck diving in Lake Superior, cycling 300 miles across The Gambia, floating on top of the salty water of the Dead Sea, and riding camels in the Sahara desert, just to name a few. Oh, and quite a few unique travel meals were had too!

All of these stories and more are shared regularly through Josh’s All Around Adventure podcast where he shares adventures and misadventure to inspire travel, life abroad, and provide tips and ideas to help make your future travels safer and less stressful.


  • The inspiration for my international travels
  • Situational awareness abroad
  • Traveling to seek out crucibles

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