Everyone (and family and team) should have an ethos defined. In writing.

Make the time to feel into it. Get it on paper. Evolve it. Adapt it.

Most importantly, refer to it as a vision of the best version of yourself and work hard to live up to it every day. Here is mine…

I place faith in God and divine law above all else.

I am an uncommon man of character and an unconquerable soul, forged in adversity. 

I expand into unlimited love, abundance, and success and welcome them into my reality with an open heart every day. I choose good. I choose positive vibrations. I give thanks. I believe in magic and miracles. I inspire those around me to do the same. 

Life will be audacious, unique, and on my own terms, without need for approval or validation. I am willing to challenge convention and norm. I know my high standards and expectations and strive to meet them every single day. I aim for excellence, uphold honor, and reject mediocrity. 

What others may see as discipline is stubborn consistency and tenacity. Success is a process, not an outcome.

I am in control of my mind, body, thoughts, and emotions but recognize they may hide shadows and stories that are not my full, true reality. 

I own time. I am the source of my time. I create exactly the right amount of time to enjoy everything I’m doing and do everything I enjoy.

Family comes first, to be protected and kept private. Children are a sacred gift. Elders are to be respected. I am your loving, loyal, and vigilant provider. 

I will teach and live an example all the while continually learning, improving, willing to be wrong, humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

As a friend, you’ll know me to be kind and generous, authentic and reliable. I will be timely, dependable, and worthy of your trust. My actions will match my words.

As a teammate I am ready to lead and follow without ego and always welcome shouldering more than my fair share. I will not quit or accept defeat and will never leave a fallen comrade. The bond of brotherhood and blood of the covenant is indeed stronger than the water of the womb.

I am always training, preparing, and building skills with focus on the mission.

To strangers I am respectful and courteous and expect the same. I take individual sovereignty to be unalienable.

Those who choose to make of me an enemy will find one that is formidable, determined, and willing to fight harder and further for as long as it takes.

In every battle, in every crucible I win first in my mind.

In even the darkest of times I will remain optimistic and remember that pain and failure are temporary. I am empowered, accountable, and responsible – never helpless nor a victim. I will choose courage over fear, act decisively, and always do my best.