I sat down with MDK Project instructor and U.S. Marine Steve Eckert to discuss this problem of high-achieving men using success as an excuse from continued challenge and growth. We also share other lessons, stories, and good clean fun from MDK Class 008 where I got the very unique chance to train under Steve and the other MDK Instructors.

The Project is a 75-hour self-development program for men who want to break through your limiting beliefs, experience one of the toughest physical and mental experiences on the planet to help you level up in every category of life!

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The Project is administered by men that have turned their adversities in life into superpowers and are truly living lives of example — your instructors for this 75-hour experience are entrepreneur Bedros Keuilian, Navy SEAL Ray Care, U.S. Marine Steve Eckert, former SWAT officer Matt Schneider and MMA expert Erin Alejandrino.