Happy Fathers Day to all of the Dads out there! This week we chat with Collin Naylor, founder of The Dad Cast podcast. Collin is on a mission to optimize his day and learn and share ways to be the best possible version of himself as a man, husband, and father. The purpose of his podcast is to lead from the front in those very important pursuits.

“The title of “Dad” is one of the most demanding out there. It means people depending on you to perform and provide every day. No calling in sick or taking days off. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your own life in order to provide. “

– Collin Naylor

In addition to the show topics on fatherhood highlighted below, the episode touches on an important milestone for Collin’s new podcast – the 1,000 download mark. In celebration and to continue to spread the word and propel their on-going success, Collin is running a Dad Cast / Father’s Day merchandise giveaway on Instagram. You’re definitely going to want to hit that link, check it out, enter the giveaway, and help me in congratulating Collin on the great work!

“It’s our goal to show that being true to yourself and going after your own goals will not only make you more fulfilled in life but also become a better father, husband, and person for those around you.”

– Collin Naylor


Collin Naylor is the founder and host of the Dad-Cast podcast, working to reclaim what makes you an individual man and simultaneously become a better Dad, husband, and provider.

Collin and his wife have a lovely daughter now almost a year old. They love to stay active hiking, motorbiking in the sand dunes, and traveling internationally. Since day one of baby girl’s life they’ve integrated her into the family outings – often to the amazement of friends. The Dad-Cast podcast grew out of that experience as a way to lead men and families to retain the energy of their individual passions while including children in the fun.


  • Balancing personal goals with being a Dad
  • Getting out and enjoying life and the world as a family
  • Not letting excuses and preconceived notions hold you back
  • Cellphone moratorium 
  • Morning routine
  • Daily brew for gut health
  • Time hacks and removing barriers to overcome excuses
  • Merchandise giveaway!


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